Turn-based NFT card game

PvP, PvE, Strategy, MMO

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Ancient Prophecy

The day all planets stand in row
will bring this land a deadly war.

The Sun will dim in shadow
Reviving Him from Hell

The Shadow Ages will begin.
Be bold and wise
If want to win!”

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Knights Kingdom

A peace-loving nation that occupies the central part of the Atterian continent. The nation of gallant knights who constantly fight the darkness. Since they are mere mortal men they enlisted Angels’ support and tamed griffons which seemed to be unruled. Their courageous king Asenod is known worldwide for his military successes...

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Our assets

40 $

Small Creatures Pack

Each pack contains 5 units cards

Chances are following:

  • Common 70%
  • Rare 20%
  • Epic 9%
  • Legendary 1%
149 $

Large Creatures Pack

Each pack contains 20 units cards

Chances are following:

  • Common 60%
  • Rare 25%
  • Epic 13%
  • Legendary 2%

Our arts

Discover the past with Shadow Ages and bring yesterday’s stories into your life today.


Meet our PvP and PvE turn-based battles. Units can walk and fly on the map, striking with swords and magic. A properly chosen combat strategy will help you win over the strongest opponents.


Q4 2021
Marketing Campaign

Early sale

Launch campaign for NFT sales of unit packs. There are 2 types of packs of 5 and 20 cards respectively. All units from 4 factions are in packs

Q1 2022

Q2 2022
Castles/NFT Staking/Marketing Campaign

  • After installing the castle, player can stake NFTs
  • Castle Event Common castles will be dropped for Shadow Ages NFT holders
  • Castles sale
  • Closed Beta

Game launch

Battle Arena is opening it’s door for the bravest knights of Atteria. Duels, quick PvP fights, and tournaments are taking place in the Battle Arena. Turn-based fights with opponents will be available at this point
Token Bags opening

Q4 2022

Q1 2023
Hero Inventory

Artifacts and Spells announcement. Hero Inventory - artifacts backpack, magic book with spells

Tournaments / Leaderboard

Tournaments. Opportunity to take part in tournaments and receive token rewards. Leaderboard rewards

Q2 2023

Q3 2023
Token Staking / Castle buildings

Staking. The players will be able to stake SHA Token. NFT staking feature will be stopped.
Castle buildings announcement
Token listing

Castle Buildings launch (Strategy Layer)

Castle Buildings. Construction of the castle. Buildings can be purchased in appropriate packs. Each building will have its purpose. Players who win mines will be able to generate a token from them

Q4 2023

Q1 2024
Introduction in Lands. (PvE, MMO)

Explore the world map area. Earn token from hero expeditions. Farm token and NFTs from defeating enemy creatures


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